My Life In Rain

My Life In Rain

This Band is Killing Me


This Rockville, MD band fits right in among their peers in the DC area. I’m having trouble putting my finger on a way that they stand out of the crowd; maybe they don’t. This is pretty standard, by the numbers DC post hardcore/emo/whatever.

I would imagine that it’s the kind of thing that takes about 3 listens to sink in, but then again I’m on listen number 4 and it hasn’t yet. This is not to say that this is a bad record, it’s just not very memorable to ears that would rather hear Fugazi, Jawbox, or Rites of Spring. There’s obviously some talent here. They do manage to build a few interesting moments here and there, but it never extends through an entire song and much less the whole CD. Your time and money would be better spent other places. Allied Recordings, P.O. Box 460683, San Francisco, CA 94146

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