The Bogmen

The Bogmen

Closed Captioned Radio


I don’t know what you’re looking for, but The Bogmen are exactly what the doctor ordered for Mr. P. here. After giving a marginal reception to their stellar ’95 debut (Life Begins at 40 Million), I have a feeling that the masses of mass-consumption maggots in this country just might miss how enigmatic and clever Bill Campion & The Bogmen are and mistake them for the great big rock band that the Bogmen left behind years ago. No matter, The Bogmen are so good at so many things, I can accept the fact that others might accept them for their semi-precious melodies, semi-progressive arrangements, or semi-deranged delivery. This record doesn’t have as many instantly gratifying moments as 40 Million‘s “Suddenly” or “Englewood,” although “Mexico” and the title track are two of the many cuts that slowly seep into your psyche. If the anglophile Radiohead industry bandwagon loses a wheel, The Bogmen’s gringo chuck wagon will be there to scoop ’em up and pummel some fun into the bastards.

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