The Dogeaters

The Dogeaters

The Strange Underwear of the Female Human


I can’t believe anyone would even allow themselves to be associated with such a sexist, racist, homophobic, bigoted, prejudiced and lots of other -ists, -isms, and -eds, record. Considering that this “band” plays “songs” with titles like “Sterilized Bitch Slit,” “Roach Crotch,” and “Open Your Mouth, I Wanna Take A Shit.” This music should be banned from the planet! The title song is so offensive, so ignorant, so, so, oooooh, it makes me mad!

They cover M.O.D.’s “Spandex Enormity” which should please the pot-bellied loser punks out there who think women are nothing more than spittoons. Marcos Records, 1535 Haight St., Berkeley, CA 90210

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