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KAR/Napalm Ape

I once asked Dan Destructo, father and vocalist of Venice’s No Fraud, what his religious beliefs were. He answered, “surfing and drinking beer, pretty much.” He may as well have added to that his “dislike” for radio, MTV, curfews, liars, and power-hungry politicians. And let’s not forget his outrageous sense of humor. This CD has fourteen fast-as-hell songs, the title track being based upon the popular TV series Baywatch, and includes ultra high-tech virtual computer-enhanced lover’s quarrels between Mr. Destructo and Pamela Lee. The cover-art features the stars of Baywatch’s physically fit and lubricated bodies, with the band-member’s heads superimposed. There’s something I find very appealing and amusing about 30-second songs; my favorite on this album being “Fake,” on which the lyrics for the first verse are completely incoherent. The song “Venice” solves the unexplained mystery of why such a cool punk band resides on the outskirts of a small retirement town: nature and low-number serenity – good enough justification, I guess. $8.00ppd. Napalm Ape, P.O. Box 2510, Port Charlotte, FL 33949

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