From the Publisher

From the Publisher

April Fools

In the interest of clearing up what was true and what was an attempt at humor, here’s what was 100% untrue about the April 1998 issue: The letter from the Rev. Jimmy Johanesburg. Pho Weevil. Skan Solo and the Wookies (the photo is of Sweaty Nipples). Lex Talionis. Bogus Pomp. Cat Box. Reviews of The Ænemas, Alto Monte, Andy Griffith, the Milli Vanilli tribute (weird…), Kate Bush + Tori Amos (please!), the Dogeaters, Guns N’ Roses, the Heroin Addicts, Tommy Lee, Naughty Appliances II, NextStep Formula, the Soytown Maryland Flatulence Ensemble, the Stentors, John Tesh and Friends, the Musk Oxen, Cat Box (again), the Bored of the Dance video, and the R.E.M. farewell show ad that ran in our Georgia edition (we do that every year).


Looks like we credited the wrong person for authorship in last month’s “My Cousin’s Not An Earthling” article — the actual author is Christopher Tuffley. We humbly request that Mr. Tuffley ask his cousin to please stop flying his otherworldly contraption so low over the offices; it seems to interfere with our electric power.

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