Torches to Rome

Torches to Rome

Torches To Rome


If I had to offer you one record that has been released recently that sums up my thoughts on what I think punk rock is (or should be) about, I’d have to submit to you this Torches to Rome LP for your homework assignment. This is a record about rebellion, and it demands your attention. Mike from Fuel (not the wretched alterna-rock Fuel that you’re hearing on the radio these days, but the classic East-Bay anthemic punk rock FUEL!) handles some of the vocal duties in Torches to Rome. There are definite Fuel similarities here, but this is more urgent and aggressive, sort of like Fuel with Icy Hot on their balls and a more desperate agenda in their hearts. This is Rebel Rock overflowing with passion and smarts. Why can’t more bands capture this spirit on record? Study, absorb, memorize, and implement this record into your daily life. There will be a test! Ebullition Records, P.O. Box 680, Goleta, CA. 93115

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