Busy Girl

Busy Girl

Closing Time

The legendary Squeeze is now truly legendary. I received the call Saturday afternoon, while the carpet man was here getting the pee stain out of my carpet (cat accident). My old friend Bianca, who worked the door at Squeeze, was kind enough to call to tell me that my favorite club was closing. The news spread fast, each person telling a friend and so on and so on. The place was full of all of the regulars and people were hugging and cameras were flashing. I’ve made some good friends at Squeeze. I will miss the packed, sweaty Thursday nights, Doug making me the perfect not-too-strong vodka and cranberry (I’m a lightweight), the people I would see every weekend for years but never even knew their names, knowing that I would run into so many old friends on any given night, all of the first ever in progress arts festivals, and the music you would only hear at Squeeze. I will miss the hotter than hell ladies room, (never without a few men lounging on the couch), with the pierced and tattooed girls with shaved heads sharing the mirror with the perky blonde in her best Club Boca dress. I will miss spending my birthday and New Year’s Eve’s at Squeeze, the big lizards, the green wire hand reaching out from the ceiling, and let’s not forget those unforgettable fetish parties. All kinds of people made Squeeze what it was; from the college preppie to the alternative punks. There will never be another Squeeze. The place will truly be missed. (And for the record, I did think about parking there.)

Get Out

I begged my way into the Seinfeld Sein-off party at Planet Hollywood in Fort Lauderdale. There were some great Jerry, Kramer, George, and Newman impersonators, but I want to know why there were three Elaine lookalikes sitting at one table. Trivia questions were asked during the commercials and I won a nifty umbrella for knowing “Vandelay Industries” was the name of George’s fictional company. Many people thought the last show sucked, but I think it was just brilliant, keeping true to the whole concept of the show.


The Warped Tour will be at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater on August 5th. The Reverend Horton Heat, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and others will be appearing. Tickets will be on sale by the time you read this. Call Ticketmaster or check out www.warpedtour.com. Stevie Nicks will be at Coral Sky on July 4th.

Club News

Groove Jet. Friday, June 5th, Janet “The Scenestress” of the Wire celebrates Living the Life. Join Janet and the Groove Crew for her birthday, a night that will give you something to talk about. Thursday, June 11th, don’t miss Doc Martin spinning the latest in House. Friday, June 12th, it’s Giorgia. Saturday, June 13th, Merle and Danny Weiss will be renewing their wedding vows. Be a gracious guest and bring a gift. 323 23rd Street, South Beach. (305) 532-2002. And speaking of weddings, why do I have to get married to be able to register for nice gifts? I need a Kosta Boda glass vase and a new big screen TV just as much as my engaged friends. Women, I am declaring June 30th as “Buy a single girl a gift day”. Buy your single women friends a nice bar of soap or take her for a manicure. Remember, single girls like gifts, too.

The Chili Pepper in Fort Lauderdale hosts the Baywatch Club Search Tour held every Sunday. Band and model hopefuls, enter for a chance to win a record contract or the chance to appear in a Baywatch episode. For more information, call the Baywatch Hotline at (954) 525-5596. The Chili Pepper is located at 200 W. Broward Boulevard. June 10th it’s DJ Baby Anne. June 24th DJ Stryke will be performing live.

The Underground is a new club in Fort Lauderdale. All shows are all ages and the club has a full bar. 400 SW 27 Ave. Ft Lauderdale. Friday, June 5th, Poopie Pants, Hard Richards, Pistol Whips. Saturday, June 6th, Shai Halud, New Found Glory, Estrangement. Friday, June 12th, Dean Madonia Band, God’s Gift, Nocturnals, Baby Jones. Saturday, June 13th, Groovnics, Nonpoint, CD Release Party. Friday, June 19th, Drop, Wrench, Eric Knight Band. Saturday, June 20th, Brutal Mastication, Live CD Recording, Ulcer. Friday, June 26th, Get Green, Dan ‘s Army, New Found Glory, Shinobi Tones, The Agency. Saturday, June 27th, Radiobagdad, Vacant Andy’s, Load. Call (954) 792-9473 for more information.

Local Band News

Sense performs two acoustic sets at Funktional Funk at 8:30 pm on May 20th, with songs from their self-titled CD as well as some new material from their upcoming release. 1237 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. (305) 604-0393.

New local band Need is made up of several South Florida based bands. Lead singer Lloyd Holley was most recently a member of L.U.N.G.S., and guitarist Sean Snyder is the former guitar player from Nectar. Bassist Paul Sennello and drummer Matt Sullivan were both members of Baloney Sandwich. Members are currently at Outline Studios in North Miami, working on their debut LP. For more information on Need, call Uproot Productions at (954)525-5019.

Robbie Gennet will be performing with Rudy on Thursday June 4th at the Poorhouse in Ft. Lauderdale, Sunday June 7th at Respectables in West Palm Beach, Friday, June 12th at The Speakeasy in West Palm Beach, Tuesday June 16th at House Of Blues in Orlando for The HORDE showcase. Friday June 19th, Robbie solos at Borders in Aventura, Saturday June 20th, solo again at Borders in Coconut Grove, and on Saturday June 27th, it’s Rudy at The Sandbox on Hollywood Circle. Robbie has promised to take requests.

Other Stuff

So I am at the Marlins game with my best friend Glenn and we are waiting for the game to start. Like idiots, we wait three hours for the rain delay. Finally, the game begins, and it was kind of cool to have the stadium to ourselves. We sat right behind home plate with Steve Stansell, DJ and baseball heckler extraordinaire, and Chad Smith, the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s quarter to one and we are still watching the game. Marlins win and I feel sick after eating so many greasy fries. Thanks to the Marlins for letting us use our tickets for another game.

If you missed the opening of Maison a Go-Go in Hollywood, you missed the best party of the year. Check the club out, you will be surprised. 21 and older only. 2031 Harrison street near Young Circle. (954) 927-3635. Don’t forget your go-go boots.

If you are looking for a great gift for yourself or someone else, check out Soleil in Fort Lauderdale. This great little store is hidden away at 195 North Federal Highway. I stumbled in one day during lunch, and found the most unique home accessories. Beautiful wrought iron shelves and beautiful glass vases. This is the kind of store that can get me (and my checking account) in trouble! Call (954) 462-8050. Ask for Renaye, she was really nice.

A happy birthday to my grandmother, and a big welcome to my new bunny, Confetti, who I adopted from the Wildlife Care Center. Easter is long gone but these now-unwanted rabbits need homes. If you need some bunny to love, call the Center at (954) 524-4302. And watch out for the Center’s new professional social club, Wild Ones.

• •

Goodbye Frank. I loved those blues eyes.

• •

Please fax all club or band information and invitations to Jennifer at (954) 435-1596. And remember to fax early. I’m a busy girl.

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