Andre Williams

Andre Williams


In The Red

This is the music that makes the upstanding white folks leave the club. Williams sings about drinking, fucking, drugs, and more, in a bluesy stumble that Spencer’s Boosexposion attempts frequently and (these days) seldom achieves. Andre’s deep voice seems to have a permanent leer, and the man oozes passion without resorting to metaphor, while the minimalist backing makes enough racket to convince the listener that Williams is not a lone pervert. “Looking Down At You — Looking Up At Me” is the perfect driving song for 3 AM, with a ghostly guitar strum striding alongside rimshots and bass drum thump. Come to think of it, this disc has something for the all-night, all-day road trip: “Pussy Stank” for 1 PM (everybody sing along: “Stanky Pussy!”), “Agile, Movile, Hostile” for 7 AM (beat on that steering wheel)… fans of slop and reverb (I’m talking to you Cramps folks, too) should definitely pick this up. In The Red, 2627 E. Strong Pl., Anaheim, CA 92806

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