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My previous experience with Buzzov*en is seeing them open for GWAR a couple of years ago. I remember them playing samples from old horror movies between songs, and that the band was covered with hair and dirt.

This new release seems to have included the hair and dirt. The album begins with an outtake from Taxi Driver and then descends into incoherent mutterings offset with heavy noise. I’m sure the band is trying to be as Satanically evil as possible, and in doing so have created a goth-metal (?) sub-genre I’ll call “acid horror.” While they have named their songs (e.g., “Whiskey Fit,” “Crawl Away,” etc.) it doesn’t seem relevant to discuss them because they’ve included the following caveat in the liner notes: “All lyrics are merely ramblings during periods of depression and frustration and are subject to change without notice.” Also, the band members are credited not only for their instruments, but for “broken shit,” “drivers license,” and “chimp fights.” Their creed: “Peace Through Pills.” Only for the brave, crazy or those for whom reality is the hallucination. Off the Records, P.O. Box 612213, N. Miami, FL 33261-2213

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