Saddle Creek Records

Saddle Creek Records

A Sampler CD

Saddle Creek

Two songs from each band, all either released or in the process of being so. Cursive was my reason for grabbing this. Both songs are released elsewhere but are a fine introduction to their creative approach to the emo genre. Angular and good. Commander Venus Struck the right emo chords in me as well, vocally a little reminiscent of a gruffer Mineral, but musically more straightforward, less drawn out and dramatic. They, too, have a refreshing approach. Park Ave. have sad songs with ’80s keyboard melodies and female vocals in a sweet indie rock pop style. Garbadine treads the emo/indie boundary well. Bright Eyes is one person four-tracked. “Falling Out of Love at this Volume” is fuzzed-out indie rock with some keyboards and a drum machine. It doesn’t strike me immediately as the best song ever, yet there’s something so personal and honest about it that attracts me to it again and again. “A Celebration Upon Completion” is acoustic, warm, personal, wonderful.

The Faint and Lullaby For the Working Class are both on here as well, falling into the indie rock realm and not interesting me much. Still, this is a sampler that’s fresh, diverse, and pretty good. A nice hello. Definitely worth checking out. Saddle Creek Records, 7640 Fairfax Ave., Lincoln, NE 68505

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