The Eyeliners

The Eyeliners

with the Crustaceans

Sluggo’s, Pensacola, FL • 5.19.98

The Eyeliners are my favorite band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. But of course I can’t think of another Albuquerque band. For some strange reason, the Eyeliners were the opening act for the Crustaceans from Gainesville, Florida. All logic would reverse that order, but it worked out, and I was thrilled to see the Eyeliners again under any circumstances. This all-girl trio is firmly rooted in the early Eighties new wave of bands like Blondie and the Go-Go’s, but has created a sound of their own without relying on imitation or nostalgia. They are fine musicians who pull off some nice songs that have some strength at their core, yet are incredibly easy to listen to. There is some substance behind their rather appealing style. The band does not possess the most captivating stage presence I have ever seen, but their play will most certainly keep you watching.

The Crustaceans are different. They rely far more on gimmicks, although on first glance they would seem to be the more “serious” band. Their college art rock doesn’t conform to pop music constraints, and their constant instrument changes and long arrangements don’t make up for a solid vision. They aren’t really bad, it’s just they seem too calculating in what they do. In short, it’s academic. They suffer from the over-analytical, cautious, approach that plagues so many writers and visual artists that stay in school too long. Some of their set was quite entertaining but it never did live.

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