Frank Rich

Feature by David Lee Beowülf

Frank Rich

Frank Rich writes an Op-Ed column for the New York Times. He used to be a film critic or something like that, which he believed made him an informed person. When both Charlton Heston and Bob Dylan were honored at the Kennedy Center last November, Rich wrote a nasty and extremely uninformed piece about how Charlton Heston isn’t fit to be honored in the Kennedy Center with such luminaries as Bob Dylan. Frank Rich also cited Chuck Heston’s portrayal of a homosexual in Ben Hur, mentioning that Gore Vidal had written the screenplay and made the relationship between Judah Ben-Hur and Masala homosexual. In truth, Gore Vidal was fired by director, William Wyler, and Mr. Heston laughed at the thought, saying, “whatever you do, don’t tell Steve [Boyd, who played Masala].” The point of Rich’s article was to slam Chuck Heston in any way possible because of his pro-gun politics. Instead, he ended up, like many uninformed, hyper-arrogant liberal “journalists,” being in the wrong, but who cares, it’s been printed. What a jerk.

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