It’s Greek To Me

I think the person who wrote [the Haris Alexiou review in the April 1998 issue; available online] is stupid. You obviously are doing yourself a great disservice when it comes to doing a responsible and respectful article with some more perspective than getting a promo CD of an artist who has about 3 decades of experience and the one CD your reviewer who has a foul mouth could have just as well reviewed groups like all the trendy college alternative idiot wanna be intern/world music who don’t know nothin about music ass except ragae because there gratefuldead or worse parrot head buffetstyle or better yet pfish potheads getting free music. Please write about what you know. Harris [sic] Alexiou cannot be sandwiched in between the crap most of what we Americans are used to. That CD was designed for small pea brain people who get turned on world music by what Peter Gabriel and stupid David Burn [sic] and even Paul Simon’s old tired ass visits and have the nerve to think on their vacation to compile a new hip CD for their no depth assed audiences as if the great artists of Brazil, Africa or Middle East need their help. So back to Greece, if all the person who obviously don’t know nothin about Greek music except jive assed Yanni – Shut the fuck up and leave well alone. Or better yet, go to an Alexiou live concert and see what she captures of the greek spirit and soul which I have because I am black, American, and am from New Orleans where Lydia Lunch, Nine Inch Nails and many more alternative artist are flocking to because they come to learn, word and explore and no one knows or gives a fuck who they are or if any of their CD are any good. Fuck very much

Joe Darensbourg, via email

Gregory responds: Unfortunately this person thinks I like all the bands I don’t. And when it comes to world musics, I’m really versatile but I’ll admit I’m weak on Greek music, especially when IT is weak, and that album was overproduced watered down Yanni-sounding bullshit. I actually like most international music, especially when it comes to Middle Eastern/Turkish/Indian jive. I tried to listen to that disc again and it still reeks of cheese. I do know how to drink ouzo and play some bouzouki.


Ink 19,

This is in response to Jen Ryan’s article “‘Discontented Discourse on the Value of War” [. She mentions that we should all get together, “get mad as hell’s and take action against the extremists. I agree. But I am curious as to how she expects to succeed, let alone get any results whatsoever without the use of guns.

What she is saying doesn’t make any sense. She’s all for war if it means defending our country, but she wants to “ban all guns today” so the average citizen loses the right to defend themselves. And she contradicts herself. She writes: “…in this country, you have the inalienable right to do and think whatever the hell you want.” Well , guess what, that includes deer hunting (which I’m not too fond of, but that’s the fucking point!!) Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that I can order someone not to do it!).

As for her little revolution, I wish her good luck. She’s going to need it. Without guns, she isn’t going to be taken very seriously.

By the way, I’m getting really sick of these shitheads who want to ban everything. THEY’RE the extremists!

Stephanie Gardella, Boynton Beach, FL

Thank you for your letter. Unfortunately, Ms. Ryan was shot and killed in a freak deer hunting accident shortly after her article was published. We will make sure your letter gets forwarded to her family. I’m sure they will be happy to hear your kind words.

But what if I’m Buddhist?

Ink 19 Publication

I was looking at your publication the other day. I noticed that you were soliciting information on upcoming musical events. I noticed in the ad to “send us your goddamn dates.” I am not really sure if taking God’s name in vain is a real good way to get people to respond. Considering that when each one of us dies that we have to stand in front of Jesus, using the name of God in any wrong way will not play well on that day. Probably telling people it is free like you did in your ad will generate more people to send in the dates.

Just an opinion. I hope you do have a great day!

Mark Cahill, via email

We’re sorry our ad offended you. The person who wrote the copy for that ad has a slight case of Tourette’s. Now that you’ve pointed it out, we realize it’s not such a good idea, so we’ve relieved him of copywriting duties and instead put him in charge of writing the goddamned letter responses. n

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