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WEA Latina

Debuting as producers, the popular Chilean rock group La Ley shows that they have been at the cutting edge of rock in their fifth production, Vértigo. Challenging what is currently happening in the Latin Rock scene by processing it with a defying electronic sound, Vértigo represents a middle point between the variables of Dance, Rock, Electronica, and Pop. Pulsating electronic tracks like “Fotofobia,” “Vi,” “Ciertos Civiles,” and especially “Opacidad,” will please the listener by injecting them with a shock of energy. The intensity created by these tracks will cease with the sweet pop ballad “X TI,” with the sensual cut “Tanta Ciudad,” and the pleasant “Sed.” This excellent production also includes “Krazyworld,” sung in French, “Solitaryman,” sang in English, plus a dance remix of “Fotofobia,” which is not listed in the CD insert. Adorned with formidable arrangement and showing knowledge and conscience in their lyrics, Vertigo will capture the audience with the distortion of Rock, the unreality of Electronica, the contagiousness of Pop, and the ecstasy of Dance. Vertigo serves as the path to follow for many bands, many of them whom have ran out of originality. WEA Latina, Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 200, Miami, FL 33126,

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