Sole is packed with eight depressing, lonely, sad, hateful and life-cursing gloomy doom metal songs. Man, these folks are suffering.

I imagine the wonderful relationship that could have inspired “Nothing” which graces the ears with the poignant words, “I feel like shit around you/I never amounted to much/Murder seemed so justified/Maybe I should just walk it off.” Come to think of it, that’s just how I felt last September! “Suffer Alone” describes the next step, when agony is your only friend. “Cold Skin,” sounding like an mix of Obituary and Fear Factory, says “Compelled by hatred/My perpetual scowl/No direction for my anger/This pain is always there… “

How Mindrot was able to capture my day-to-day personal crises is damn amazing.

Somehow, though, I get the feeling that there’s a joke in all of this, much like Type O Negative’s work. That is, regardless of how serious the songs are, secretly the band members are all into The Munsters and dig the Archies. “Cold Skin” becomes almost laughable at the end; it’s a corny ghost story! This might be a parody of the full-on depression of gothic doom metal. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a cover of “Lick My Love Pump” on their next album. Relapse, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA 17551

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