Balls Deep


These dudes should be put in jail. Only that they’d escape. When I say “out of control,” I should say “Scissorfight” when describing bands so heavy, so intense, and so down-right groovy. This is like Flipper covering Rick James’ Street Songs album. Only with someone like Lemmy singing.

Their subject matter ranges from pirates (“The Gibbeted Captain Kidd”) to autumn harvests (“Scarecrow Season”) to the death penalty (“Drunken Hangman”). Actually, since they included the lyrics, I can tell that these boys from Beantown are probably history or Literature majors at Harvard.

“Stove by a Whale” is true story of an English whaling voyage that ended up making a cannibal out of the ship’s captain. “Scream of the Wendigo,” “Lunatic Yankee Spectre,” and Kancamagus Mangler” tell about the joys of living in New England, it would seem.

The vocals on some of these songs (the frontman calls himself “Ironlung”) sound like they’re sung by a guy who survived wild animal attacks and grafted a bear’s windpipe into his throat — without anesthetic. They’re deep, gritty, and strangely, the music and vocals remind me of Foghat. Don’t laugh! Foghat is a great band! Only Scissorfight would eat them for breakfast and pick their teeth with the bones! I must confess, though, I first heard of Scissorfight through Fitshaced Magazine ( which heaped plenty of pro-rugged individualistic praise on this mighty, mighty band. I agree. Wonderdrug Records, P.O. Box 995, Boston, MA 02123

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