Will Oldham

Will Oldham

Black/Rich Music

Drag City

When Palace released the chilling Arise, Therefore, and I heard rumors of a limited release companion CD released with the album, I started poking around until I found myself a dubbed copy of what was then called Songs Put Together for the Broken Giant. Well, Drag City has finally decided to rerelease it at the same time it rereleases the companion to Joya, entitled Little Joya. Black/Rich Music could easily have been a collection of demos of all the songs that weren’t quite stark or hopeless enough to make it onto Arise. Oldham accompanied by a muted acoustic guitar (minus the creaky drum machine, organ, and bass) muses too close to your ear on four songs and plays four instrumental versions of those songs using either guitar or organ. For anyone who needs more of the neurosis of Arise or fey explorations of Days in the Wake. Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647; dragcity@mcs.com

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