Pogo Au Go-Go


“David Byrne turned into Alan Alda”? What a great line! Insightful, too!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! This is the sickest, straight-ahead punk rock I’ve seen this side of the Mentors! This is disturbing as hell!

I’m disturbed by the lyrics to “Human Habitrail,” “Piss Fetish,” and especially “Teen Porno Star.” I tell you, had these kind of things been “mainstream” when I was a teenager, I probably would have taken a gun to school and blown away half my class.

“Down the Hatch” is a classic punk song, with excellent vocal harmonies and upbeat fast guitars, too bad it’s about how much a dead end job sucks out your lifeblood… The two anti-white trash songs “Sally” (“Sally sold her baby at the K-Mart”) and “Arkansas Deathride” (“Retarded hookers with filed down teeth… “) speak about lifestyles that mark the deep south as something completely alien to the clean reality of the big coastal cities. … Just like things the Pink Lincolns sing about (sounds a bit like them, too).

“Mission & Valejo” is a haunting song about someone named Shannon moving to California, which has to have some hidden meaning I’m not privy to. “Sniffy” is, boy, is it sick and it sounds a lot like the Ramones’ “Commando.” Finally, “Pink Power Ranger” describes a fantasy I share… They cover Jawbreaker’s “Boxcar,” too. And you took your cover art from “Kane Keene” in an issue of Mad comics, circa 1954, drawn by JACK DAVIS, I didn’t see him credited. Fearless Records, 13722 Goldenwest St. #545, Westminster, CA 92683

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