Dave’s True Story

Dave’s True Story

Sex Without Bodies


Kelly’s Pink Belt Martinis flowed free like the Ganges when Dave’s True Story, an excruciatingly brilliant jazz/lounge/pop band played the Fez club in New York. A creation of Kelly Flint, the band’s lovely vocalist, The Pink Belt Martini tastes like pink lighter fluid, but so what? They were free, and Dave’s True Story are super cool, Daddio.

Lounge music is a raging fad and I’m generally one to dismiss fads sight unseen, or sound unheard, but something in the way Dave’s True Story mix humor, spot-on lyrical cleverness, and transcendent musical instruments like xylophone, accordion, stand-up bass, and the big bad beat of the bongos gets me all loose and languid. Does anybody have a spoon? Just give me the saxophone solo of “Once Had a Woman” or the smoldering sexuality of “Spasm” and I’m good to go. Sex Without Bodies is the new record. I invite you to swing your partner round and round to this masterpiece. Chesky Records, P.O. Box 1268, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10101

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