Plastilina Mosh

Plastilina Mosh



It seems the only link we have to things Mexican these days is “Yo Quiero Taco Bell.” Well, amigo, you can bet your Gordita that Capitol’s newest import will be one of the hottest acts to emerge in 1998. Already hugely successful in Mexico, Plastilina Mosh are poised to take on the US and beyond with this debut. It hit stores in Mexico early this year on EMI Records and has become a phenomenon of “Donkey Show” proportions.

The duo from Monterey has one of the most interesting and wonderfully executed blends of musical style and instrumentation you will find. Lyrically, PM splits between Spanish and English without leaving you confused. The opening track “Niño Bomba” hits with pure Beastie Boy energy and rhyme (en Español), while several tunes are a lesson in smooth jazz, trip hop, and Dust Brothers inspired production. “Monster Truck” and the title track definitely reflect shades of Odelay. “Savage Sucker Boy” seems to be an ode to their former heroes, Ministry.

You may get the impression there is just too damn much happening here, but Plastilina Mosh doesn’t miss a beat. Neither should you! PM gives you a range that is sorely absent from many releases. Several American bands are seeking out the band for tour dates, so keep an eye out. Their stage show is chock full of costumes, props, and wackiness. Viva Aquamosh!

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