Praga Khan

Praga Khan


Antler Subway

Pragmatic marks the return of the producer who along with former partner Jade 4 U helped break the Lords of Acid onto an unprepared American underground. Like LOA, Khan shells out a heavy dose of thumping techbeats and almost industrial yet trancey melody. The tempo may not seem as fast this time around but it doesn’t inhibit one from playing it loud enough to quickly annoy anyone over the age of thirty, and that’s pushing it.

The lyrical content is more suggestive of a darker side of human nature, as on “I Want You” and “Luv U Still.” Musically, Pragmatic veers towards the more commercial sound pimped so sucessfully by their European contemporaries here in the states. If all this sounds too familiar don’t sweat it because it is. The kids will love it but the rest of us already have tons of music like this from back in the day. Slightly above average material from a label that is usually right on.

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