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Sean Altman


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Sean Altman was born a human head attached to the body of a pigeon, which has to have its disadvantages. Ha ha! Seriously, that’s just how Altman is portrayed on the cover of his new CD, Seandemonium. Some may remember Altman from his bout of fame on the PBS TV series, Rockapella, but I never saw that show. The Nylons were doing a similar a cappella thing about 10 years ago, but their sound was just so, well, gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and Altman clearly wishes to rock the Casbah in the guise of an old-fashioned romantic. I’m in love already. The really amazing thing about Altman is how he uses his unique and somewhat freakish vocal skills to emulate drums, guitars, and various musical sounds using only his mouth and related body parts — he’s a human beat box! Plus, his silky voice thrills me more than a hot fudge sundae, making my heart skip a beat when I hear him croon sappy love songs like “Marry Me” and “Falling Over You.” This record also knows how to rock.

There are 30 separate tracks, ranging from humorous sound bites (check out Sean’s conversation with a receptionist at Elektra Records) to songs of love, cynicism, and happy stuff like that. Seandemonium is available through Altman’s Web site: Log on now! Big Sean Music, 200 East 10th Street, Suite 490, New York NY 10003

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