The Freddy Mitchell Euphoria

The Freddy Mitchell Euphoria

Fallen Moons

Celestial Blues

My only conclusion can be that Mr. Mitchell’s Euphoria constructed a functioning time machine, and has decided to visit the future. Tragically, the device can only send people ten or fifteen years ahead, and they’re visiting our continuum as we speak.

Fallen Moons serves as a shining example of a progressive rock guitar-based album from the first half of the ’80s. Granted, the market for this once-popular genre has declined over the years, but that doesn’t detract from this album’s strengths — complex arrangements, careful attention to production details, out-of-this world lyrical content, and more guitar leads and rolling tom drum fills than I’ve heard in a decade. The Freddy Mitchell Euphoria might have released Fallen Moons a bit late, but that doesn’t detract from its strengths. You may want to feather that hairdo and get ready to rock. Or you may want Freddy to hop into the way-back machine and return from when he came from…

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