Critters Buggin

Critters Buggin



I always have a hard time reviewing music that is strictly instrumental. It’s not that I don’t like, I just find it easier if there are lyrics. I will do my best to tell you why this is a great CD. The musicianship is some of the best that you will hear nowadays. Critters Buggin’s music crosses just about every spectrum imaginable, from rock to funk to jazz — it’s all here. The opening track, “Fluoride,” tells humorous tales of everyday chemicals found in the food and water that all humans consume. Since I listened to an advanced copy without liner notes, I don’t have the luxury of finding out where the sample came from. Other tracks that really stand out are “Drums and Bass,” “Bomb Ass Track,” and “Pedro Lovin’.” As I said before, the entire spectrum of musical styles is covered on this album, and even some of the songs themselves cover the spectrum. If you are a true fan of music, this is the CD of the month. Loosegroove, 2508 Fifth Ave., Suite 110, Seattle, WA 98121;

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