High School Rock

Tooth & Nail

Fresh punk rock for a stale high school experience, if you live in small-town America. The letter-jacketed (as in “I lettered in football”) Huntingtons sing really dumb, boy is it dumb, punk rock that’s actually one more scream of punk frustration. “Jeanie Hates the Ramones” is about the conflict between a guy who has to choose between being true to his music (and his heart) or his girlfriend. In this case, “… if she wants to live without `em/ then she’ll just have to live without me.” Hey, high-five from Dave on that, fellows: SCREW the bitch if she doesn’t like your music. There are hundreds of cute, affectionate girls out there who love punk rock. Flick her off like a just-popped tick!

However, they seem to give the wrong girl another try, on “When I Think About Her,” but, take a hint, dude: “… I asked if she’d like to dance/ but she turned, ran away/ and didn’t give me a second chance.” But they are stupid, I mean, this is a band, mind you, that puts Back to the Future to punk on “1985.” Other great punk rock songs include “I Don’t Wanna Sit Around With You,” a quickie about punks who are ignorant about personal hygiene, and “Avi Is A Vampire” which pokes fun at goth kids. If you enjoy fun, stupid, yet probing punk rock, this is it, man. Tooth And Nail Records, 157 Yegler Way, Suite 509, Seattle, WA 98104

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