Joe Skyward

Joe Skyward



And now, for something completely different: a solo effort with a guest roster that reads like a litany of who’s who of Seattle rock. Skyward did time as bassist in Sky Cries Mary and the Posies, and members of those bands show up here along with members of Ministry, Gigolo Aunts, Low Pop Suicide, 7 Year Bitch, and Hammerbox, etc. Ad infinitum. To make it a real family affair, Skyward’s teenage daughter, Brette Howard, handles lead and co-vocals on half of the tracks. While Howard’s vocals are unmistakably juvenile, they are appropriate to this dreamy and experimental mix of progressive pop, new age, jazz, hip hop, funk, and interplanetary space rock. She’s especially engaging when she’s giving her best Kate Bush impersonation on “Sun Dual,” or when she jolts you out of your daydream with the lyrics “I don’t want to see or hear your anger/ Please keep it away from me” on the refrain to “If You Can.”

Violins, steel guitar, accordion and saxophones provided by the Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet spice up some very creative arrangements. Let’s call it Their Satanic Majesty’s Request with vocals by a 14-year-old girl. Settle in with the headphones and prepare yourself for an unusual, eclectic, and richly rewarding listening experience. CZ Records, 4756 U. Village Pl. N.E. #469, Seattle WA 98105

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