Panoply Academy Glee Club

Panoply Academy Glee Club


Secretly Canadian

Damaged and exuberant noise explodes forth after band cheerleaders chant for more Panoply. Songs are collected splinters of punk, art, drone, and math thrown in between sound collages. Songs are adrenaline-fueled trials on limits of guitars and voices. If PAGC offered a manifesto it would read “This is rock music. This is not music. This is for you to suffer through until you get it right. This is for you to explore for months, years even.” Mostly spastic and confusing and jarring to be true, but it is a confusion which you will welcome. Rah! would be epic if not for the speed at which PAGC attempts to make the next light which invariably turns red and gives them hallucinogenic moments during which they plug one end of a chord into the lighter and the other into their collective mouth and compel their brains to ooze out. Secretly Canadian Records, 1703 N. Maple St., Bloomington, IN 47404

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