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Black to the Blind


Raging evil Death Metal from Poland, the land of loofaman, kielbasa and the Pope. Vader like to be photographed covered with dirt and blood from either battle or sacrificial rites and all the songs on Black to the Blind are prefaced with the words of renowned Satanists like Aleister Crowley and remarkably intelligent commentary from the band. Then again, evil demands study… ! This album is beyond evil, with songs like “Heading for Eternal Darkness,” which welcomes the coming damnation, “True Names,” which is about television/Satan and prefaced with a quote from Yello’s “Domingo,” and “The Beast Raping,” which tells the story of John Whiteside Parsons, a scientist who fell for one of Crowley’s “pranks” in the formula… I fear I know too much about this stuff!

Bottom line: Vader is for the most evil of you out there. Even if you are skilled at exorcising your CD player, after this is through, you still may fail. Pavement Music, P.O. Box 50550, Phoenix, AZ 85076;

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