Great snot-nosed punk rock that really grew on me after a few listens. And after a few spins, the anthemic lyrics and accompanying punk-fuzz guitars started making sense. “Nonsense cone,” the subject of which I have absolutely no idea -is it about a girl, maybe, what about finding the right girl? Who cares? What I like is the blazing chorus of “follow me, follow me, don’t follow me/I won’t be missing her today… ” Actually, It’s not the words, it’s the way they’re sung. That is, the music itself carries everything. Looking at the other songs, all which have good guitars and powerful, rich vocals, they’re all about chicks and making it in today’s society. Been there and done that, I suppose, just like every other punk band. If I were to go back twenty years when I first heard punk rock, the music moved me. Then I went and checked out the lyrics and figured out what was up. In those cases and in this case, the music gets you first and if it’s good enough, you’re hooked. Consumed is more than “good enough,” which explains why I listened to this CD for an entire Saturday.

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