Crippled Dick

I had no idea what to expect. Who’s on this thing? Strange sounds from verbulators, theramin, steel guitar, accordion -along with guitar, bass and drums. Is it the so-called Krautrock? Is it 1970’s David Bowie mated with three-chord punk? I can’t figure it out.

I hear fuzzpunk (“Illuminate” and “Stungun”), strange spaceship sounds (“Nothing,” “Saving Up For My Spaceship,” and “Conversing Among the Misfits”) and slow techno (“Mars on Fire” and “The Dreaded Lovelies”). What is going on here? “Icy Hall of Sobriety” and “Triumphant March of the Buffoons” reminded me of channel-surfing and finding obscure made-for PBS forays into industrial science fiction, those two songs providing background music. Strange. Crippled Dick Hot Wax, Postofficebox 3864, 78027 VS-Schenningen, Germany,

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