Whether they’re revving up their guitars like the well-oiled engine of a prize race car (“Kylie & Jason,” “Magic Lamp”) or teetering on the brink of a broken heart (“The One Who Should Save Me,” “The Way Things Turn Out”) Midget’s strength lays in a keen ability to craft tunes that are catchier than the flu. “Ben Wants to be a Secret Agent,” a straightforward James Bond fantasy, and the boy-loses-girl non-ballad, “Camouflage” are some of the most whimsically original musical arrangements since XTC sang about making plans for Nigel and walking around feeling ten feet tall. “Day of Your Life,” with its brass interludes and football-cheer chorus, paints a simple picture of the power to change your life with a change in attitude. Musically, Midget recall England’s ’80s hit machines like Madness and the Jam, and vocalist Richard Gombault’s British accent emphasizes the innate charm of the material. This Jukebox is crammed with a selection of multi-layered punky-glam songs with unpredictable time changes, accessorized with piano, organ and a variety of string instruments. With the three band members barely 20 years old, one can only imagine how Midget will turn a phrase once they get some life experience and their lyrical maturity catches up with their accomplished playing. In the meantime, Midget bring a joyful noise to pop rock and steer clear of obvious trends.

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