Whoa! New generation Swedish death metal! Hybridized extreme hardcore death and insane electronics. Images of demons controlling a nuclear power plant’s controls fill my mind. And this is a two-piece! Thirty-eight songs, no less!

What do these people do, record a new song every day for a month? (Yes, that would be 30 songs… ) Lyrically, though, much more thought has to go into production. “I See Lies” contains the masterful, insightfully line, “I see the news as a shitcovered wall!” is that not profound? What confuses me is the message of “For What Cause.” Here they sing, “Our perfect society, gives us food and shelter/Gives us food and shelter, takes care of the weak… Our perfect society, builds mass destructive arms/And educates the weak in the art of death,” then has the chorus of “Lying… Raping… Killing, for what cause?/There’s no reason!” It must be a Swedish thing, although Sweden hasn’t conquered and enslaved Europe since 1648 or so. Nasum’s other extremely violent songs “The New Firing Squad,” “I’m Not Silent,” “Worldcraft” and “The Breathing Furnace” all speak of an incredibly oppressive society that must be from life. Is that Sweden? Is that the soon-to-be EU? The two songs in Swedish “Laag Om!” and “Du är Bevakad” may hold the key to the madness expressed on this harsh, evil, painful album.

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