Precipice Recordings

Precipice is Pat of Thanatos’ label, and a very promising one if this compilation is any indication. The common thread seems to be a certain amount of dark mystique, but the sounds themselves range from electronic based to gothic folk to ethereal and various points in between. It’s a refreshing mix of variety which also manages to flow quite well. Compilations where you don’t skip around too much are rare indeed, especially when there’s a range of music involved. Highlights included a very electronic song from Love Spirals Downwards and the opening track by Claire Voyant, but it’s quite good all the way through. Tracks are also included from Chainsuck, Human Drama, Trance to the Sun, Shoong, Rhea’s Obsession, Bleeding Like Mine, Nomenclature, G.L.O.D., and MNPLTR. Precipice Recordings, P.O. Box 146636, Chicago, IL 60614

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