It seems that Rene Alvarez (the creative guiding force inside Sixo) just can’t help but pour out pure songs whichever way he goes. Sixo’s third installment is no exception.

The gentle and gruff ballads leave you feeling like you just heard the band play them in your bedroom just for you, very close and personal. The spectrum of songs, leading from the aforementioned to the absolute edge of pop/rock, all leave you feeling like, well, like the band played them just for you right there in your bedroom.

Rene’s voice is the key, a true window through his soul and he lets it all shine; the desperate and lost feelings, the exasperation of maturity, frustration of a working world, the twists and turns on all the relationshipland rides. They all cry through loud and clear as he plays what must be his main instrument — his heart. It leaves a strong impression of personal intention, kind of like some Alanis Morrisette but with a more well-adjusted personality. And the aftertaste isn’t one of anger as much as it is understanding and camaraderie (although they do dive right into that anger pool as well, just with a better grip).

The lyrics keep it simple and real, yet powerful and engaging. And even though there is quite the corral of musicians helping here and there this time around, there remains a whole unity to the album as the Sixo purpose and sound survives — this is not just a collection of songs used as a vehicle to showcase a bunch of collected musicians.

Sonically and ethereally I keep picking up on a physical graffiti vibe although no vocal, instrument, song, or arrangement sounds anything like any of this except in quality and appropriateness. I can’t think of any soundalikes for sake of comparison. Just real.

And I can’t help but think of all the people I’ve heard complaining about the generic alternative sound of the extremely nationally popular Florida bands. Well, here’s a Florida band writing above and beyond the call of duty. And your duty is to find it, listen, and feel. Dalin Records, P.O. Box 402338, Miami Beach, FL 33140

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