White Noise

If you missed out on any of the import releases of these UK singles then you’ll take joy in this domestic sampler from this left-coast breakbeat label. White Noise 2 is a thorough trek through the further realm of the unlimited break. All of the tracks are beaty, meaty, big and bold. The names have yet to become household staples with maybe the exception of Q’s Project, aka Uberzone, or the Fatboy Slim remix of Wildchild’s “Renegade Master” but the ever-evolving in-your-face style is certainly on its way to becoming the sound of choice in the coming blacklight and neon eon. Co-conspirators include Freestylers, Junior Blanks, Lunatic Calm, 2 Fat Buddhas, Tipper, Environmental Science, Surreal Madrid and the video-friendly Dub Pistols. Be sure to stay tuned for future developments from the label whose credo “we did it first!,” beckons from the one and only City of Angels. Advanced breakbeat for the new age of intergalactic faith.

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