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Ekendra Dasa and the Planet Cow Orchestra

God Project

Planet Cow

Here’s a REAL cow boy. Ekendra Dasa and his four-piece Planet Cow Orchestra perform a clever and catchy set of twelve smooth country honky tonk melodies, with a handy dandy batch of Krishna lyrics. You may be expecting an awful lot of preachin’, but Dasa’s words are for the most part common sense. You get the feeling that despite the well-scrubbed clothes and attitude Dasa wears now, he went through some bad times.

Musically, it’s not real new or original – studio-perfect country – but it’s still played with a lot of fun and dedication, and Dasa does write a catchy and clever country hook, rhyming “millimeter” with “Bhaghavad Gita” and commenting on ephemeral beauty on “Maggot Poo Poo.” A nifty record. Planet Cow, P.O. Box 24212, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33307

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