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Pitbull Daycare

Six, Six, Sex


Good release of heavy industrial metal and hardcore. Perfect for those looking for an excellent fusion of metal and industrial. All the beats are fast, the energy is high and the band is out of control. My impression is that these guys could play their instruments before learning the electronics. The reason is that the stinging guitars work well (“Voices… In My Head,” and “Doctor” for example), and you can bang your head without trying too hard. That’s important, because so many “hardcore industrial” bands can’t play and only survive because they’re good at making spectacles of themselves. Pit Bull Daycare have the spectacle part down pat, but their music is for real. In addition to the serious tempo, heavy rhythm, pounding percussion and crisp, mean-spirited vocals, they try meshing psychedelic fuzz tones into the mix and it works. Interesting samples, too. Thirteen songs in all. MIA Records, 315 Church St., Second Floor, New York, NY 10013

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