• Seahorses


    A Craigslist date turns really weird. And then the seahorses kick in…

  • Robin’s Blue

    Robin’s Blue

    A young woman runs away from home, has a series of unhappy relationships, falls into professional sex and cocaine, and then cleans up and enters culinary school.

  • Betty Davis

    Betty Davis

    Is It Love or Desire? (Light In The Attic Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Nashville Pussy

    Nashville Pussy

    From Hell To Texas (Steamhammer / SPV). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Hollywoodland


    Superman blows his brains out and a sleazy detective tries to cash in on the publicity. At least that’s what Carl F Gauze thought he saw during this muddled film.

  • Anatomy of a Secret Life

    Anatomy of a Secret Life

    Psst! Carl F Gauze has a secret to tell about secrets. Peek over his shoulder while he delves into a new psychological study on the motivation and results of living a secret life.

  • The Lovemakers

    The Lovemakers

    Frontman/shirtless sex symbol/small-town boy Scott Blonde discusses the Bay Area band’s scandalous past — and future — in a candid interview with Steve Stav.

  • Best Selling Jewish Porn Films

    Best Selling Jewish Porn Films

    The only thing that can stop Carl F. Gauze from reading Wayne Koestenbaum’s enjoyable new volume of poetry is … Hold on a sec. Who’s there? Pizza? I didn’t order a pizza….

  • Writer of O

    Writer of O

    A documentary about the author of “Story of O”, the controversial novel about sadomasochism. Carl F Gauze unwraps the plain brown wrapper.

  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring

    A Buddhist Monk trains his pupil in a mysterious setting in this Korean tale of life. Carl F Gauze meditates on a cinematic landscape.

  • The Erotic Museum

    A visit to the Erotic Muesum reveals an electic view of sexuality. Carl F Gauze maintains his composure.

  • Devil’s Midnight

    Love and death and Satanism play out against the bloody background of the Russian Revolution, and Carl F Gauze was there.

  • A Hollywood Tradition

    Our Bad Monkey breaks down and lands part-time work. Yet his indie film-making dreams live on! Check out how our man in Hollywood navigates the world of gay groceries!

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