• Louder Than Love – The Grande Ballroom Story

    Louder Than Love – The Grande Ballroom Story

    Detroit in the 1960’s was a hard city going through hard times. The music that come out of Detroit was incubated at the Grande Ballroom. Wayne Kramer (MC5), Ted Nugent and many others remember the wild times.

  • Mark of the Devil

    Mark of the Devil

    Explicit torture in the middle ages leads to death, dismemberment and a new found respect for the American justice system and the inquisition.

  • Seahorses


    A Craigslist date turns really weird. And then the seahorses kick in…

  • Robin’s Blue

    Robin’s Blue

    A young woman runs away from home, has a series of unhappy relationships, falls into professional sex and cocaine, and then cleans up and enters culinary school.

  • Betty Davis

    Betty Davis

    Is It Love or Desire? (Light In The Attic Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Nashville Pussy

    Nashville Pussy

    From Hell To Texas (Steamhammer / SPV). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Hollywoodland


    Superman blows his brains out and a sleazy detective tries to cash in on the publicity. At least that’s what Carl F Gauze thought he saw during this muddled film.

  • Anatomy of a Secret Life

    Anatomy of a Secret Life

    Psst! Carl F Gauze has a secret to tell about secrets. Peek over his shoulder while he delves into a new psychological study on the motivation and results of living a secret life.

  • The Lovemakers

    The Lovemakers

    Frontman/shirtless sex symbol/small-town boy Scott Blonde discusses the Bay Area band’s scandalous past — and future — in a candid interview with Steve Stav.

  • Best Selling Jewish Porn Films

    Best Selling Jewish Porn Films

    The only thing that can stop Carl F. Gauze from reading Wayne Koestenbaum’s enjoyable new volume of poetry is … Hold on a sec. Who’s there? Pizza? I didn’t order a pizza….

  • Writer of O

    Writer of O

    A documentary about the author of “Story of O”, the controversial novel about sadomasochism. Carl F Gauze unwraps the plain brown wrapper.

  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring

    A Buddhist Monk trains his pupil in a mysterious setting in this Korean tale of life. Carl F Gauze meditates on a cinematic landscape.

  • The Erotic Museum

    A visit to the Erotic Muesum reveals an electic view of sexuality. Carl F Gauze maintains his composure.

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