Industrial Tepee

Industrial Tepee

What Divine Engine

Mother West

In the interest of avoiding preconceived notions, it should be pointed out that Industrial Tepee are not an industrial band. The name seems to serve as a dichotomy that’s somewhat representative of the band’s approach to music: “Industrial” as in methodical production, “Tepee” as in a no-frills housing.

Tepee’s core duo, singer/songwriter/guitarists Tom Shaner and Bob Sharkey, produce wildly ambitious lo-fi rock that touches on influences as varied as Dire Straits, Jefferson Airplane, Hendrix, Bare Trees-era Fleetwood Mac, REM, Eric Clapton, and the Dave Mathews Band. “Crawling to Heaven,” a strong opening track, has a blues-tinged rock feel. Psychedelic elements of “Everything is Best” are a welcome throw back to 60’s folk rock, and “If You Want to Be Free?” is clearly an homage (intentional or otherwise) to the Grateful Dead. A bittersweet metaphorical lyric haunts “Swim (The Tide of Love)” as Shaner sings “When the tide of love is coming in/ I cannot swim.” Flamenco-style acoustic guitar adds rich texture to the southwestern mood of “Viva Las Nowhere.”

Throughout this collection of individual treasures, lyrics remain reflective and insightful. What Divine Engine is a music-book filled with new favorites that already feel like songs you’ve known and loved for years. Mother West Records, 132 West 26th Street, New York, NY Mother West Records;

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