Diabolus in Musica


Wow! That is the expression that always comes to my mind when I hear a new Slayer record. After being in the business an astonishing 15 years, these guys have yet to slow down, and they still kick major ass. Diabolus in Musica should not be listened to or seen by the faint of heart. The pictures inside are some of the sickest that I have seen in a long time. The music is pure Slayer. Songs like “Serum,” “Bitter Peace” and “Death’s Head” will keep you angry well into the afternoon. My drive to work takes about 10 minutes, but when I listen to Slayer, I can get there in five. And screw the coffee. I’m so amped, co-workers stay out of the way. The best part about Slayer is that they don’t whine and bitch about the casualties of being a rock star. They do nothing but slay all rock standards and invent their own rules. Rock on! Columbia Records, 550 Madison Ave., 26th Floor, New York, NY 10022

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