Zero Parade

Zero Parade

Zero Parade


Zero Parade sound like they belong on the radio. They’re catchy, their songs are put together with a hauntingly perfect structure, and you can almost hear the radio deejay introduce each song and then end it with “That was the latest from Zero Parade!” That’s not to say, however, that they’re not fun to listen to. Most of the songs are about girls, and their indie-rock sound and intelligent lyrics will promise to stick at least a few tracks in your head.

The album starts off with probably the best track the band has to offer, a song about the awkwardness of dating called “Lemonade.” Other highlights include “Keep it Inside,” a song about “the massive effect computers have on the human psyche” that sounds like it was written by the Features, and a rocking commentary on sleazy women called “Back Where I Started.” They drop their quirkiness for a large portion of the album and include a few social commentaries set to the tune of slower rock with a country tint that, depending on the listener, will either please or aggravate.

All in all, Zero Parade is an enjoyable band that put out a relatively enjoyable album. With the contrast between their quirky and commentary songs, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t love the entire thing. Yet, the songs the band put together that you do enjoy could just make the album worthwhile anyway. ACME Entertainment, P.O. Box 81491, Chicago, IL 60681

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