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Chicago Cab

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Pardon my French, but Sparklehorse’s “Hammering the Cramps” is one plu-fucking-perfect pop anthem. CB-radio vocals, a slow fuzzed groove and overall tuneliness that sticks in your head. The following Supergrass track comes close to matching it, as does the Grifters’ “Radio City Suicide.” And so on… this collection of eleven tracks, appearing in the film Chicago Cab, I presume, are all great undiscovered gems. Even the two Pearl Jam tracks manage to be not just bearable, but interesting.

Also of note here are Joey Altruda and his Cocktail Crew, who provide an authentic Latin lounge break, Page Hamilton’s driving score, reminiscent of Ultra Vivid Scene, and Hovercraft’s end-all pinkfloydian coda, “Haloparidol.” This soundtrack is one of those few instances where we’re presented with more than hits and filler — of all the tracks on here, even the worst are still better than average. Loosegroove, 2508 Fifth Ave., Suite 110, Seattle, WA 98121;

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