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Eleni Mandell


Mr. Charles

I hardly know where to begin reviewing this record. Do I start by telling about the haunting siren song of Eleni Mandell’s voice, or possibly the wonderfully literate lyrics, or the wonderfully eclectic instrumentation? It really doesn’t matter. Wishbone is simply a gem in the cluttered ghetto of singer/songwriter based music. Eleni Mandell is quite worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as the Geraldine Fibbers, Lou Reed, and Jim White. Her music, lyrics, and voice combine to create an amazing aural odyssey. Mixing such diverse instruments as a Chamberlin, Celeste, and vibraphone with standard pop instruments, she creates a sound that is gloriously unique. Her songs explore those dark places of the soul that you don’t really care to reveal, but she gleefully exposes them. Mr. Charles Records, P.O. Box 292528, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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