• Katie Herzig

    Katie Herzig

    Apple Tree (Marion-Lorraine Records). Review by Phil Bailey.

  • Eleni Mandell

    Eleni Mandell

    Singer songwriter Eleni Mandell talks with Chris Catania about her new record, recording with Nels Cline and making out to Tom Waits.

  • Elizabeth Elmore

    With her days in Sarge behind her, Elizabeth Elmore is dividing her time between law school and trying to make it as a solo artist. Phil Bailey caught her in a rare open moment to discuss going solo, vegetarianism, Matlock, and why she thinks the "women’s music" movement sucks.

  • Eleni Mandell

    Eleni Mandell at the Circle Bar in New Orleans, LA on March 30, 2001, Concert review and photos by Phil Bailey.

  • Eleni Mandell

    Eleni Mandell isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill female singer/songwriter. Turning her back on computer-aided recording and "perfection," she opts for a warts-and-all sound that’s as influenced by the music of the thirties and forties as it is by modern day rock n’ roll. Phil Bailey learned more from this fiercely independent artist.

  • Eleni Mandell

    After two years of waiting, I finally have a new record from Eleni Mandell. I…

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