665: Neighbor of the Beast


Spectacular, mean-spirited Florida punk rock! Excellent punk music that’s a fusion of Bad Religion’s odd chords with the strong melodies of a band like Murphy’s Law. In other words, very contemporary, but very, very punk. Had this been released as an instrumental album it’d still be one of the angriest records of the year!

On the lyrical side of things, Radiobaghdad are total angry punks. Just about every song speaks (shouts?) volumes of late-teen angst and frustration with the world around them and how shittily people treat each other. “Bordercross” and “Promises” nearly brought tears to my eyes; I’d felt I’d lived through both sides of what they’re singing about… Ouch! “My Bong! My War!” – man, what a great title! – is so full of abuse for dickheads… A must listen, truly an anthem for the next generation of punks!

“Truckers on Speed” and “The Mothership” are the two anomalies on Neighbor of the Beast, in that they are filled with high comedy rather than venomous bile. Sure, “Truckers on Speed” points the punk finger at maniac truck drivers who must be very close to the band’s hearts. “The Mothership” is certainly one of the funniest songs I’ve heard in a long time, as it bars no holds against conspiracy and UFO freak losers: “Marv Albert’s sperm was cloned with a madman’s/His name was David Koresh/The result was a love child named Benny Hinn/Not Benny Hill… And everyone knows they froze Kennedy’s Head/And locked it up in Geraldo’s vault… ” Then they add a bizarre B-52’s-ish “alien chorus” of “Ooooooooooooooo.” Like I said, spectacular! Onefoot Records, Post Office Box 30666, Long Beach, CA 90853

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