Stage Bottles

Stage Bottles

Big Kick!!

Mad Butcher

German skins against fascists, especially neo-Nazis. But, since they’re Germans, the best way to fight violence and hatred is with violence and hatred. Musical violence and hatred, that is.

After a long introductory instrumental, the title track begins with “I run through the streets/ With a machine gun… ” and finishes up with “My reality is a kick/ It will end with one big kick.” I gather from “We Shouldn’t Have Done,” a song that appears to be about German guilt, and “Don’t Wanna Go Back to Last Century” that the Stage Bottles must represent some sort of confused German youth movement which thrives on the history their grandparents put into stone. “We’re Not Bottling Out” is a marching song declaring that the Stage Bottles used to sing songs that made the band fear for their lives – but now, even though they’ve changed, they still have the same energy and angst as before. OK, that just means I have to look up their Web page ( and read the history…

I’m not sure they’re for or against “expressing oneself” through acts of senseless violence or not, but one thing I am sure of, and that’s that Big Kick is an album full of great Oi!-laden punk rock, descending from Berlin’s “Riding on the Metro,” X-Ray Specs, and any number of great melodic UK punk bands from the ’79-’81 era. Mad Butcher, Pater-Klepping-Str. 18, 33154 Salzkotten, Germany ;

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