The Haunted

The Haunted

The Haunted


Heavy, rocking, evil Swedish metal riding up from At the Gates.. They give thanks to Gene Hoglan – that should say it all… I remember when Cannibal Corpse’s album Butchered At Birth came out (note: The Haunted aren’t really a death metal band, this is just for illustration) and the cover painting of two ghouls dismembering a pregnant women got the album banned across the country, and later on became a feature in Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign. Well, if one took the time to check out Cannibal Corpse’s lyrics, one would discover that they’re just stories about historical figures like Giles De Rais and Albert Fish; deranged, homicidal criminals who were rightly put to death. In the case of the Haunted, however, they are interested in making their own history, making them extremely dangerous. For instance, their song “Forensick,” which decries that “… A raped woman is a whore… If I had the bomb I’d let it rip… it’s only natural to seek oblivion… Fuck you mankind… ” “Hate Song” says there’s “One million ways to hate! Hate! Hate!… Lifelong Hate!”

There are twelve wonderful songs demanding the subjugation or forced suicide of idiots on this charming album — like NYC lawyer Ronald Kuby, who says, in defense of sex stores being allowed to open up near elementary schools, “my kid has to learn about life eventually.” The Haunted is very possibly the most abusive, mean-spirited and bold-faced evil band to come out of Sweden. Serious evil that bypasses the supernatural. Earache America, 295 Lafayette St, Ste 915, New York, NY 10012-2700;

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