The Shrooms

The Shrooms


Cool Guy

Inspired angry punk rock! Fast-paced melodic guitars, but lyrics that will make you cry – provided you’re going through what makes adolescence “fun.” Take for instance the song “The Simple Riddle,” with it’s unfortunate story of a kid who is, well, a loser. There’s only one way out – use a rope or a knife… “Ruthra” is a very Dickies-esque punk song about another loser. “Things” is about a loser. “Wonderful” is perhaps the most awful song, because it says, “it’s wonderful to be blind” and has an illustration of a young man poking both his eyes out.

Then the Shrooms do a couple of songs (“My Little Girl” and “Her Only Friend”) about “relationships.” Guys, guys: if chicks will talk to you, you can’t be that much of a loser, unless they’re whales. But since you’ve drawn them as sexy junkies, maybe they had to be on smack to give you a second thought… Man this is depressing, I hope this band sticks around long enough to find out some people think they play pretty good music. Cool Guy Records, 10140 Gard Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

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