The Young Hasslehoffs

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This may be the first time anywhere you see this: I will apply the word “respectful” to a punk rock band.

The Young Hasslehoffs, a trio of teenagers (they look like they’re all about fourteen) from Omaha, Nebraska, known their punk rock and offer a respectful tribute to the punk rock giants upon whose shoulders they stand. It starts with the first song, “C’mon Baby,” that describes the singer’s ideal girl as “… there’s not one Ramones’ song that she doesn’t know… ” and “… she’s got… a bunch of Misfits stickers on her car… ” Man, there are chicks like that in high school now? Shit, back when I was in high school, people looked at you like you were retarded if you said you liked punk rock, and I don’t remember any chicks advertising that they even knew who the Ramones were. I want to be a teenager in Omaha (maybe)! “Not Ugly Enough to be a Ramone” is somewhat dis-respectful, but I think the Young Hasselhoffs are hoping one day to be ugly enough so they can get the babes. They also have songs about girls named “Judy” and “Suzy.” It’s fun punk rock and I’m sure they’ll soon graduate out of those cotton windbreakers into proper leather jackets and torn jeans. E-mail the band at Melted Records, 21-41 34th Avenue, Suite 10A, Astoria, NY 11006

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