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Reel Big Fish

Why Do They Rock So Hard?


Reel Big Fish are back in the swim with their second full-length release, Why Do They Rock So Hard? It’s been two years coming, but in the meantime, RBF have been moving upstream by constantly touring, releasing an EP, and managing to squeeze in an appearance/soundtrack contribution to BASEketball. Yet, they did not let these successes, along with their smash debut Turn the Radio Off, inspire a “sell out” follow up.

RBF maintain the tongue in cheek lyrics and song titles – “Thank You for Not Moshing,” “I Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too.” However, the emphasis on horn-driven ska is not as prevalent here. They actually rock pretty hard! Perhaps they went back to the days before ska was their influence and metal cover tunes were the band’s staples (see “Everything’s Cool,” complete with growls and backwards masking!). Sure, they still got their sound – tight, edgy and catchy, with an unmistakable ska influence. But it’s pretty cool to hear the Fish’s scalier side! It takes reel cojones to resist the urge of familiarity for the sake of diversity and a harder driving sound.

Reel Big Fish is definitely for reel. They are on the “A-list” of the ska-punk genre, along with Buck O’Nine, Mad Caddies, etc. Why do they Rock so hard??? Pick up a copy and find out for yourself! Mojo Records, 1453 14th St., Box 284, Santa Monica, CA 90404;

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